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    3. Rock Wool Production Line

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      Introduction of Rock Wool
      1. Mineral wool, also called rock wool, is divided into rock wool and slag wool normally. Slag is the main raw material of slag wool. Rock wool is produced mainly using igneous rock, e.g. basalt, dolomite, etc.
      2. As a kind of very good heat preserving, heat insulating, cold insulating and sound absorbing material for various industrial equipments, traffic facilities such as pipelines, storage tanks, boilers, heat exchangers, fans, vehicles and vessels, as well as various buildings, mineral wool is widely used in industrial sectors such as national defense, petrochemical, construction, metallurgy, cold storage, traffic, etc, particularly the construction industry.
      3. In developed industrial countries, consumption of mineral wool products in the construction sector accounts for more than 80% of their production, and in Japan, even up to 90%. Due to energy-saving requirement from protection of the earth, demand for mineral wool products has been still increasing.

      Technical Parameters of Rock Wool Production Line

      Item HIM-RW-6 HIM-RW-10 HIM-RW-15 HIM-RW-20 HIM-RW-30
      Production Capacity (mt/year) 6000 10000 15000 20000 30000
      Workshop (L×W)(m) 70×15 80×15 85×15 90×20 100×20
      Dimension (L×W×H)(m) 60×10×7 70×10×7 75×10×7 80×15×7 90×15×7
      Weight (mt) 160 180 200 230 260
      Power (kw) 350 450 630 800 950
      Power Supply 220V/380V, 50Hz

      Specification of Rock Wool Products

      Product Density (kg/m3) Dimension (mm)
      Length Width Thickness
      Board 40~200 1000 500, 600, 630 30~150
      Felt 35~100 1000~10000 1000, 1200 30~100
      Stitching Felt 35~90 1000~10000 1000, 1200 40~100
      Pipe Cover Density Length Inner Diameter Thickness
      50~100 1000 20~630 30~100

      Flow Chart of Rock Wool Production Line

      Related Names
      Mineral Wool Production Line

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