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    3. Sandwich Panel Lamination Line

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      Introduction of Sandwich Panel
      Sandwich panel, also called as composite panel, is fabricated by metallic facings and insulation materials (polyurethane foam, rock wool, polystyrene or others), which is an ideal combination of physical, mechanical and construction properties. The obvious advantages of this panel machine are modularity, low weight, high degree of prefabrication, insulation properties and cost efficiency.This composite panel is widely used for manufacturing roof and wall panels for industrial workshop and warehouses.

      Main Configuration of Sandwich Panel Lamination Line
      ? Roll Forming Machine
      ? Lamination Machine
      ? Cutting System

      Panel Drawings of Sandwich Panel

      Technical Parameters of Sandwich Panel Lamination Line

      Item HIM-SP-5 HIM-SP-6
      Production Capacity (m2/h) 100~280 100~280
      Speed (m/min) 0~4.5 0~4.5
      Power (kw) 30 35
      Net Weight (mt) 18 22
      Overall Dimension (m) (run out table not included) 37x2.3x2.5 40x2.3x2.5

      Layout of Sandwich Panel Lamination Line

      Related Names
      Sandwich panel machine | EPS sandwich panel machine | Rockwool sandwich panel machine | PU sandwich panel machine

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