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    3. EPS Production Line

      Introduction of Expandable Polystyrene
      Expandable polystyrene, or EPS for short, is a kind of lightweight plastic foam insulation material produced from solid polystyrene beads. During production, the tiny beads are expanded and consolidated in the process of steam heating and pressure treatment. When heated, the beads are enlarged by the expanding agent as much as 50 times, after which the beads will be fused by pressure into large block of EPS or into the required shape by the moulds.

      EPS product is well received in construction and packaging industry because of its wide applications. In addition to roof, wall, and ceiling construction, the EPS is also applicable for packaging food, electronic equipment, home appliance, and so on.

      Main Configuration of EPS Production Line
      ? Pre-expander
      ? EPS Block Molding Machine
      ? EPS Cutting Machine
      ? Auxiliary Equipments

      Flow Chart of EPS Production Line
      Raw materials -> Pre-expander -> Silos -> Shaping Machine / Block shaping machine -> Cutter / CNC Cutter -> Blocks, and for the detailed information, please refer to the following chart:

      Technical Parameters

      Item Unit HIM-EPS-2000 HIM-EPS-3000 HIM-EPS-6000
      Production Capacity (15kg/m3) m3/h 20 30 60
      Block Size m 2×1.2×1 3×1.2×1 6×1.2×1
      Installed Power kw 90 90 105
      Workshop Area m2 1000 1200 1500

      Remark: The parameters listed above are for standard configuration. Bespoke product is available from us.

      Related Names
      EPS Machine | EPS Machinery

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