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    3. Slitting Production Line

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      The slitting production line is designed for slitting and recoiling steel plates. The metal plate processing machine will slit the plate into several pieces with requested width, and then coiled and bundled for the following procedures like cold bending, punching, pipe welding, etc.

      The process procedure of the plate slitting machinery is shown as follows.
      Material loading - Uncoiling - Pressing and guiding - Clamping - Shearing - Transitional worktable - Guiding - Slitting - Edge collecting - Pre-separating and pressing - Pressing and separating - Coiling - Hand packing - Discharging

      Technical Parameters of Slitting Production Line

      Item Unit Parameter
      Coil Thickness mm 0.3-20
      Coil Width mm 600-2500
      Slitting Strip Quantity pcs 2-30
      Min. Cutting Length Precision mm ±0.1
      Max. Coil Weight Ton 35
      Leveling Speed m/min 0-120
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